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Didn't seem to understand my issue at all and kept on telling me the same thing ad nauseum, even though i was telling her it was distressing me.
Where to start?The worst delivery company ever!! Let me make it very clear, they are worse than Just eat, hungryhouse or uber eats. I must admit, initially they were OK, but over the last couple of months, they became disgusting, almost obnoxious. The customer service is a joke. First, I received … Read more
Disgusting help service !! Lost my parcel a ww1 soligenen bayonet ! I mean u dont lose that!!! U dont lose that!!
Took almost a month for delivery, and both dresses were unsuitable, one of them had no lining so was completely seethrough. Now having difficulty with finding out how to return. Was cheap, so I should probably have known better
Simple, easy, quick and at a fair price. What more could you ask for?
I love deal dash. You can win wonderful things. And Customer service is very helpful.
Great help and advice was given to someone that doesn't know anything about Diamonds. Much cheaper then the highstreet and much better quality. I for one will be coming back for my wedding bands. Thanks!
I want to thank for the 100% effective support to solve the technical problems,